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the team to cover your day

Mad Islands Productions


we are celie and marco.

We are a green-eyed tattooed couple that offers videography and photography. Together we speak italien, english, french and swedish. Celie loves to visit antique stores, play the piano and spend hours in the kitchen. Marco is rocking the guitar, has a diploma in self-developing and loves a good steak. Getting cosy at home means a good cheese plate, wine and some boardgames. We love to dress up for halloween and yes we are kinda cheesy when it comes to celebrate holidays. 

We love what we do! Capturing spontaneous moments between you and your loved ones is all that makes our hearts beat faster. We love meeting people, being social and creative goes hand in hand for us. As a duo at a wedding, we would dance with the guests, make bad jokes and take awesome pictures and films.
If you find yourself in this state of mind, let's make some magic!

a little more about us

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why mad islands?

Marco is born on Sardinia in the the Mediterranean ocean. With palmtrees, smell of salty water and wild cows. Celie is born in the Åland islands in the Baltic sea. With birchforests, sauna and snowy winters. To be born and raised on islands gives you that typical island mentality, independence and the tight comunity. But it also made both of us at young age long for something outside. We both moved to new countries, travelled, learned about new cultures and a few years ago we met in Paris and fell in love. Cheesy right?

When we started to create our brand together we both wanted to honor our islands origin. MAD stands for our company - Marriage And Dreams, because we work with marriages and believe that dreaming is what makes us go forward and live. And we are also a bit mad, in a good way :-)

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