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“What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment
that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.”

— Karl Lagerfeld



I am a scandinavian photographer based in Chartres and Paris, available worldwide. I love to bathe in ice holes in -20 and afterwords run to the hot sauna. A Tuesday evening you will find me having an apero at a french bistro with my cold chardonnay in 27 degrees. My parents are french and finnish, my grandmother is spanish and my grandfather is born in Algeria.
But... my mother tongue is Swedish! If you ask my man about me he would say I am both calm and a storm. Well.. As you can hear - I am a mess :-) 

Ever since I got my first analog camera in the shape of a Coca Cola can from my old aunt in Toronto, I loved photography. Horses and nature were my first targets and I think the poor horses were wondering what that crazy 11-year-old girl was doing in their paddock all day.
When I grew up photography became a way of expressing myself and capture my life trough my teenage and early adult years. My passion was always there. It led me to continuously improve my photography through studying and experimenting.

Today I have exchanged my Coca Cola camera for a more updated Canon. My passion for capturing my own life turned into capturing the memories of others. Inspiration comes to me everywhere, but mostly through travels and meeting people with stories similar or different to mine. I became fascinated by the stories people could tell, and by the possibilities of an image portraying the inner feelings of a person.

If you long for portraits, pictures together with your loved ones or want a photographer by your side for your most precious moments, I am here to help you. We will capture your memories and make your day last forever.
Send me a message with your ideas and wishes and we will create magic together ♥ 


Celie Scott

5 facts about me


I wash my hair upside down 


I used to work as a taxidriver and love to spend hours in the car watching countries and nature passing by


When i was 3 years old i lived in kunming, china


My second passion is food and I would love to work as a secret food critic


I would never get tired of listening to shania twain

I'm addicted to:

Getting tattoos 

3 things that i love:

Pringles, adrenaline rushes and cosy hugs

The bravest thing
I’ve ever done was:

Moving from home when I was 14 years old

3 things i detest:

Olives, animals hurting, stubborn people (mostly because I'm quite stubborn myself)

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